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About us —

We are passionate entrepreneurs and real estate investors committed to helping people invest in property, make the best use of small spaces, build long-term wealth and have a great time along the way!

Through our accessible renovation concept, we seek to re-purpose small, tired apartments and transform them into compact, sustainable homes built for modern families.

Our approach breathes life back into older buildings, encouraging re-use rather than building new, using sustainable materials and making the most of today’s innovative, energy-efficient technologies.

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our investing journey

   portfolio —

We’ve been building our property portfolio slowly and steadily for the last 15 years and are firm believers that there is hidden potential in every home; no matter the location, state of repair or use.

We believe that renovating small spaces can be easy, fun and doesn’t need to cost the earth. Our core properties have been transformed into long-term rentals, Air BnBs and business apartments, whilst our “fix and flip” properties have been lovingly renovated to be re-sold.

for a new way of living

   & Development —

We re-purpose older apartments with a renovation concept built on five focus points: natural light, sustainable materials, energy efficiency, clever storage & flexible rooms.

Our aim is to make home ownership a reality for as many families as possible through smart, affordable renovations that make the best use of smaller spaces.

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get —

Chart your own path by tuning in to our FREE online real estate workshop. In just 25 minutes, our founder will take you through a step-by-step approach to identifying opportunities, negotiating deals and cashing-in on property investments.

Ready to get serious and start buil­ding your own real estate portfolio? Join our 30 DAY immersive program to take you from investment newbie to well-on-your-way to closing your first deal – no matter where you are, or how much you earn.

together we go further

Partnerships –
   & Co-Investments

We believe in the power of collective ambition and are open to co-investments and partnerships across our product/service platform. Please contact us directly and let us know how we can collaborate!

We are especially interested in:

  • Renovation co-investments
  • Sustainable materials (flooring, tiling, cabinetry etc.) & producers
  • AI in architecture & mobile app design

  • Live education | courses | workshops | key-note

  • Innovative building technologies
  • Energy efficient solutions
Person reading a booklet
Person reading a booklet