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real impact, real returns

Become a partner in
   our future ventures —

We will advertise co-investments here as well as on our social media channels. Please contact us directly to find out more!

   soon —

We are consistently on the lookout for small, dated apartments in the Swiss canton of Aargau. Whether you have something to sell or are looking to participate in a renovation project, contact us today – we look forward to getting to know you!

The Source
   Book —

We have spent years researching, visiting suppliers and testing materials for our renovations. Our findings are now condensed into an easy-to-read document: the homely renovation guide and source book. With the source book, you will be able to fast-track any renovation: saving time and money whilst ensuring a high-quality, cost-effective result.

Just hand the book over to your architect, choose your preferred colours/finishes and get renovating! All materials and preferred suppliers in our source book match our strict environmental criteria and are available, accessible, and affordable.

The homely source book is available to buy exclusively through our website – get in touch below!

   partners –