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The Tiny Flat

We couldn’t claim to love small spaces and not count a Tiny Flat as one of our portfolio properties! In an up-and-coming neighborhood just a stone’s throw from Hamburg’s Speicher­stadt and the Elbphilarmonie, a UNESCO world heritage site, our 35sqm studio flat has everything you need for compact living.
The Tiny Flat – The View
The Tiny Flat – The View

Size in m²


Purchase Year


Capital Gain


Rental Yield

8.9 %
The Tiny Flat – Wall and Couch
The Tiny Flat – Desk and Lamp
View of Hamburg
Cabinet with chair

   Jungle —

We added built-in cabinetry as well as floor-to-ceiling storage, with plenty of space for a proper workstation and a large double bed. A beautiful balcony overlooking the cobbled street below is framed by vertical gardens which compensate carbon emissions for 100% of the constructed surface.

We loved the innovative building technologies employed by the team behind this build, and we also loved the state-sponsored “green” financing solutions made available to buyers. The flat was rented in a matter of weeks, pays comfortably for the mortgage, and brings in some decent positive cash-flow.